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Best RAM for Ryzen 5900x & 5950x in 2023

Building a PC is nothing less than art for every gamer. Creating something from scratch provides one with a sense of accomplishment that can’t be found anywhere else. Getting your hands on a powerful PC is the first step of this delightful journey. And if you are reading this, it is most likely that you have set your sights on the Ryzen 5900x or 5950x, one of the best processors of our time. Now comes the next yet a bit more hectic step of PC building, i.e. choosing the best RAM for Ryzen 5900x & 5950x.

How do you choose the best RAM for your new Ryzen 5900x & 5950x? What are the benefits of DDR4 over DDR3? Which is better, a 16GB or 32GB kit? How much should I spend on RAM and what size should I get to start out with? These are all questions that must be racing in your mind. This post will help answer those questions and more so you can make an educated decision when purchasing new RAM.

Following is the list of the best RAM for Ryzen 5950x and 5900x, carefully selected by our team of researchers. No matter what your budget or preferences are, there will be at least one RAM best suited for you.

List of 8 Best RAM for Ryzen 5900X and 5950X

G.SKILL 16GB(2x8GB) Trident Z Royal

Best High-End RAM for Ryzen 5900x and 5950x

G.SKILL 16GB(2x8GB) Trident Z Royal
G.SKILL 16GB(2x8GB) Trident Z Royal
(image credit: Amazon)


Memory Size: 16 GB | Item Quantity: 2 | Memory Speed: 4000 MHz | RAM Technology: DDR4 SDRAM | Voltage: 1.2 V

G.SKILL is the best there is when it comes to high-end RAM. But for those considering buying their first Ryzen 5900x or 5950x configurations, they might want to consider Trident Z Royal F4-4000C14D RAM. It has a clock speed of 4000MHz and CAS Latency of CL 14 with stronger timings: 15-16-16 -36 and gold heat spreaders that provide unparalleled aesthetics as well as efficient cooling. The gold-colored aluminum heat spreaders make for a beautiful aesthetic as well as an efficient way to dissipate excess heat.

Get your memory needs to be solved with the best memory for Ryzen 5900X that can go up to 4266 MHz with a bit of overclocking. Banish out those old, slow memories and set down a style of your own by choosing this cheeky pack for impressive speeds and intense speed boosts.

It is the perfect memory stick for gaming rigs with limited SFF space, featuring a low profile that will fit most cases when teamed up with shorter heat sinks. The RGB lighting modules are hub-free and can be controlled via software plugging into your own choice of motherboard. With or without upgrades, these sticks are everything you need for mind-blowing looks!


  • Room for overclocking
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Customizable RGB
  • Lustrous built and design


  • Doesn’t provide the best value for money

G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series

Best Overall RAM for Ryzen 5900x and 5950x

G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series
G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series (image credit: Amazon)


Memory Size: 32 GB | Item Quantity: 2 | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | RAM Technology: DDR4 SDRAM | Voltage: 1.2 V

G.SKILL is always at the cutting edge of RAM technology, and this kit is no exception. These RGB memory modules come in two varieties: 3200MHz CL14 or 2400Mhz CL16, both rated at 1.2 volts. This means that you get to choose between fast speeds with lower voltage (CL14) or more conservative overclocking settings with a higher voltage threshold (CL16).

Beautiful in design, these RAM sticks are also outfitted with an elegant white LED fan as well as sleek red LEDs on the heat. A stylish heat shield clips over your RAM and can be fitted either horizontally or vertically, depending on how you’ve positioned your motherboard components inside the case.  

G.SKILL set out to find an excellent compromise with their Trident Z RGB kits in order to offer top-notch performance for any task or price point. You also won’t be sacrificing style or futureproofing for upgrades. For graphics lovers who also fancy themselves as gamers, this 3200 GHz DDR4 flawless 32GB kit ensures that every frame downloaded from Twitch onto your screen stays crisp and clear even when playing at all-night hours.

Another incredible perk of this best memory is its compatibility. This RAM is specifically tuned to meet the requirements of Ryzen processors. Even if you feel the need to change your PC in the future, know that this amazing RAM will be your companion irrespective of the processor. 


  • Efficient heat dissipators
  • Swift 32 GB memory
  • 10-layered PCB
  • Provides excellent value for money


  • Installing can be a bit problematic due to the presence of large heat dissipators

Corsair Vengeance RGB

Best Premium RAM for Ryzen 5900x and 5950x

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB
Corsair Vengeance RGB (image credit: Amazon)


Memory Size: 32 GB | Item Quantity: 2 | Memory Speed: 3600 MHz | RAM Technology: DDR4 SDRAM | Voltage: 1.35 V

Suppose you’re spending over $1,100 on a processor and mobo for your next Ryzen build. In that case, you want to ensure that everything runs as fast as possible. This kit of Corsair vengeance will be the icing on the cake. 3600MHz with C18 Latency keeps buyers protected from pesky memory bandwidth bottlenecks in their expensive rig until BIOS upgrades are released. That’s why it’s a perfect purchase for anyone building 5800X or 5900X rigs.

This Ryzen memory is one of the most aesthetically pleasing RAM sticks available. The gold heat spreaders contribute to not only its good looks but also efficient cooling. Games and applications will run smoother with less lag as a result of the increased memory capacity and high-speed performance that these sticks offer you.

With this kit, every inch of your system will have a lustrous shine thanks to the awesome built-in lighting tech and the three different customizable zones per module. Watch your games fly by as you experience blistering speeds on the 18-18-36 latency setting for each memory IC at 1800Mhz. Plus, with two 16GB DIMMs in place, you’ll always have all the storage space necessary for big file games like RPGs without losing performance!


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Durable built
  • Eye Catching design


  • Overclocking needs improvement


Best Budget RAM for Ryzen 5900x & 5950x

TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB (image credit: Amazon)


Memory Size: 16 GB | Item Quantity: 2 | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | RAM Technology: DDR4 SDRAM | Voltage: 1.2 V

TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB 16GB Kit is one of the cheapest ways to upgrade your Zen 3 gaming PC, but don’t worry about giving up on RAM performance either. For expanded RAM capacity and speeds up to 33467MHz, this kit is perfect if you are on a tight budget. C16 Latency means you won’t experience annoying freezes or lagging while playing the latest games. And thanks to its affordable price tag, upgrading with lightning speed just got easier than ever!

The T-Force Delta RGB features a full-frame 120° ultra-wide-angle lighting with a built-in Force Flow RGB lighting effect, supporting software synchronization. You’re guaranteed to be the most lit gamer at your next LAN party when you light up your PC tower with this memory.

Despite its lower pricing, the quality of the product shines through in its beautiful RGB lighting and sleek matte white finish. With 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, you can make sure that your favorite games load up more quickly than ever before. The aluminum heat spreaders help this RAM dish out heat to ensure maximum efficiency all day long. Customize your RGB lighting however you want using any compatible program!


  • Very low price
  • Beautiful design
  • Great overclocking capabilities
  • Innovative RGB lighting


  • Not the best option for high-end rigs


Best Fastest RAM for Ryzen 5900x and 5950x

XPG DDR4 D60G RGB (image credit: Amazon)


Memory Size: 16 GB | Item Quantity: 2 | Memory Speed: 3600 MHz | RAM Technology: DDR4 SDRAM | Voltage: 1.2 V

A data designed this product to look sleek and sexy. Expect to be the envy of your friends when you show up with one of these hardware beauties, now available in diamond cut shape to attract attention. This easy-to-build kit will not only wow your friends but also deliver an impressive amount of power for a workstation or powerhouse gaming station. Get ready for some serious booting without lagging!

The heat spreaders are made out of plastic that has diamond-cut shapes, which act as an LED diffuser on 60% of the surface area. You may question if it can dissipate heat effectively because most RAM modules produce little to no heat in the first place. 

With up to 3600 MHz and a world-leading 5116 MB/s, the Spectrix D60G is more than enough for even the most advanced systems. More than just powerful and fast, this RAM also offers unparalleled stability thanks to its patented DIMM Shield and hardened rank technology with gold-plated caps. Along with an eye on quality, Adata ensures that you are not compromising on aesthetics.


  • Customizable RGB
  • Luxurious design and built
  • Extra room for overclocking


  • A bit overpriced

Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series

Best Mid-Range RAM for Ryzen 5950x and 5900x

Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series
Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series (image credit: Amazon)


Memory Size: 16 GB | Item Quantity: 2 | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | RAM Technology: DDR4 SDRAM | Voltage: 1.35 V

They’re just about everyone’s favorite components. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with RAM from Patriot! Light up your rig with our Viper Gaming RGB Series. They come with three settings to choose from:

  • A breathtaking rainbow mode.
  • A stealth mode white LEDs.
  • Lively red Aurora-scripted lightning effects.

Just pick any flashy color preference and enjoy the show! Plus, they’ve got all of the specs that serious gamers need: low latencies and operating frequencies of up to 3200 MHz even without overclocking. Auto XMP 2.0 compatibility makes all those clunky manual configurations obsolete. Modules also work perfectly on most Intel or AMD motherboards for quick installation at zero effort required by you.

If you want to win but also want to look good doing it, this RAM is your best shot. The Patriot Viper RGB comes with high speed and overclocking capabilities, as well as top its class heat dissipation. No matter how hot your game gets, its innovative heat dissipation system will take care of it. You can download an app on your phone so you can control the color scheme of your mood lighting. And rest easy, this mood light isn’t just stylish; it has been insulated from voltage spikes with a 1.35-volt profile, so even if you’re overvolting, you’ll be safe!


  • Five customizable RGB zones
  • XMP 2.0 supported
  • Ease of installation
  • Affordable


  • Speed is a bit low

G.Skill RipJaws V Series

Best Value Ram for Ryzen 5900x and 5950x

G.Skill RipJaws V Series
G.Skill RipJaws V Series (image credit: Amazon)


Memory Size: 16 GB | Item Quantity: 2 | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | RAM Technology: DDR4 SDRAM | Voltage: 1.2 V

G.Skill RipJaws V Series, available in either red or blue heat spreaders, is the perfect balance between performance and value. Available in speeds up to 3200 MHz CL16, these kits are great for all kinds of workloads, from doing some late-night gaming sessions to crunching through your work faster than ever before. Boasting Intel 2.0 XMP profiles, which are also only one click away!

Secure grip with a revolutionary perforated design. Revel in your next PC build with the newest generation of memory for gamers, enthusiasts, and overclockers. When it comes to price per gigabyte, you can’t find better value for money than RipJaws V DDR4-3200 CL16. 

There’s no denying it: RipJaws V is the fastest out there. The industrial-grade corrosion-resistant I/O shield (yes, industrial grade) and sleek one-piece design add to its charm. Slamming the door shut on all other competitors in understated good looks, G.Skill takes your motherboard by storm with these sexy sticks. Comes with several different color combos that will make sure to take your gaming experience to the moon. 

If you want RAM that doesn’t break your bank yet provides you with premium features and a sturdy build, opt for this best Ryzen memory. As if this wasn’t enough, its excellent Ryzen 9 5900x ram compatibility makes it a must-have.


  • Impressive built
  • Extremely built
  • Blazing speed


  • Not enough room for overclocking

CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB

Best Gaming RAM for Ryzen 5950x and 5900x

CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB
CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB (image credit: Amazon)


Memory Size: 16 GB | Item Quantity: 2 | Memory Speed: 3600 MHz | RAM Technology: DDIM | Voltage: 1.35 V

Imagine an ultra-bright (and colorful) LED that is centralized in your computer, shining through the metal body of the heat sink you build to optimize cooling efficiency. Imagine that this LED will help easily illuminate your gaming keyboard or other peripherals with nearly limitless combinations of colors and speeds! It’s like having a disco at home. Maybe it’s time for you (or someone on your Christmas list) to make some room under the tree for CORSAIR DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB memories.

From the get-go, CORSAIR set itself apart by packing its memory chips with performance and overclocking headroom. Don’t overlook these tightly-screened beauties if you want to upgrade your system.

This baby’s ready to take on anything. It contains the patented DHX cooling system, making it the ideal choice for hardcore gamers who want a setup that not only looks good but stays cool under pressure. With its slick new look and four premium materials including anodized brushed aluminum, polished nickel plating, and two-tone black camouflage PCB construction, there’s no doubt that this gamer’s dream is worth every penny.

If you have a Ryzen 5950x and want RAM that perfectly fits with it, go with this monstrous RAM. Whether it is performance, speed, or aesthetics, this best Ryzen memory takes the cake in almost every domain.


  • Innovative cooling system
  • Attractive RGB design
  • Great overclocking capabilities
  • Provides excellent value for the price


  • Installation could be a bit hectic

Ryzen 5900X

The all-new Ryzen 9 5900X is one of the most dominant CPUs ever made. It’s not just for gaming, it also provides scarily good value. The supremely powerful and efficient CPU boasts a base clock speed of 3.7 GHz and max boost up to 4.8 GHz, with 8 cores and 16 threads in total, making it an excellent choice for procreative work, multitasking, or even heavy architectural projects.

The feel of the Ryzen 9 5900X processor is streamlined, the specs are formidable. The Ryzen 5900X has a 7-nanometer silicon layer that can help you create record-breaking content at any price point. Whether you’re looking for the fastest motherboard to enhance your gaming experience or just want to create something one of a kind, this is the perfect processor. It combines 12 core and 24 threads with an overclocking capability, so it’s no surprise techies are raving about this powerful package.

 Prepare to take on anything that comes your way with the unparalleled power of this beast.

Ryzen 5950X

The Ryzen 5950X is the answer for elite gamers and creatives at home. With its 16 cores and 32 processing threads, you’ll be able to consume massive data sets or push photo/video editing tasks all day long, without breaking a sweat. Plus, gaming genres like the first-person shooter will be rendered with maximum frame rates so you can keep your eyes on everyone and their blurry friends as they creep up from behind. Spending time standing still? Now that’s downright idiotic!

Ryzen 5950X is the innovative, groundbreaking new type of CPU that you’ve been waiting for. If you’re a digital artist or a 3D graphic guru, this processor also supports compute tasks at speeds up to 36% faster than our last generation of Ryzen processors. It’s unbelievably fast and costs unbelievably low.


We’ve compiled a list of the best RAM for Ryzen 5900X & 5950. Whether you are looking to maximize your performance or save money, this list will help you find the right combination of price and quality that suits your needs! We’ve gathered a list of 8 different products that are worth considering, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you follow this list closely, you should end up with some great computer memory! Say goodbye to those late-night searches checking reviews, performances, and price tags. We have got everything you need in one place!


32 GB is a considerable number. You have every right to think of it this way. But when it comes to RAM, there is a rule of thumb, i.e. the more, the merrier. Some people find 16 GB enough, while for some projects, you will need monstrous 64 GB RAMs. 

RAM shopping is a maze. It is very easy to get lost in the process. So we will advise you to set your priorities straight before heading out in the wild. If you are a gamer, research a bit online the requirements of your games. If you are a 3D artist, research the requirements for the software you are going to use. This will give you an idea of how much memory you actually need.

On every RAM, you must have seen CL-19 or CL-17, but what does this actually mean? Also, what is the relationship between speed and Latency? You will get all the answers right here.

Latency actually is the measure of the period between initiation and execution of the command. It is usually measured in nanoseconds. While speed is the measure of how fast your RAM runs a program. On the surface, both of these terms look the same. We repeat, just on the surface.

We won’t bore you with the technical aspect of these terms. However, just keep in mind that the RAM with the highest speed and lowest Latency is the best. 

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