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About Us

We were growing irritated by the lack of authentic, well-researched, and helpful content regarding PCs and gaming on the internet. This is when we, a group of tech-savvies, decided to join hands and create an oasis for all the misguided and lost souls out there. 

MostPC is our humble attempt to cope with the single biggest problem every gamer or PC enthusiast faces out there, i.e, misinformation or lack of information. After just a single Google search, you will be bombarded with hundreds of results and it is hard to find a source that you can completely trust. We want you to focus on what is important, gaming or getting your work done.

Leave the boring and hectic aspect of things to us. We will be providing you with authentic, accurate, and tested information to get rid of any problem you are facing regarding PC builds and components.

Our financial policy:

We want to provide our readers with the best possible user experience. We want you to cruise through our easily navigable site and cherrypick whatever information you deem fit. So with this goal in mind, running ads on our site is a big no-no.

Nothing is more irritating than an ad popping up when you are in the middle of reading something interesting. But we definitely need some kind of income source to keep this amazing ecosystem floating. That’s why we have opted for the Amazon Affiliate Program.

This program lets us keep a share of the profit of every sale made through our site, without costing the reader a single penny. So you get thoroughly researched content and we get a profit cut, a classic win-win situation!