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GPU Hierarchy 2023

Graphics Card or GPU is the most important component of your Pc if you are a gamer. Brands like Nvidia and AMD take pride in their GPUs that dominate today’s market with their performance and added values. With the current market demand heavily succeeding supply, there is a shortage of cards in the market, while the prices have skyrocketed. Although many options are available, it is still hard to choose the right GPU for your build. Luckily, we have tested and researched all the relevant GPUs in the market and compiled a list according to their performance to make it easier for the people who are reading this article.

GPU has become a need for video editors, as the demand to render videos that require more power. While editing a 4k video, your GPU has to do the majority of the work, so that is why the performance of your graphics card is one of the most important factors. Therefore, in this article, we have included all the GPUs solely based on their performance, and the list is not influenced by the price at all. It is noted that Ray tracing or DLSS was not tested as some of the cards listed here do not support these features.

For the ease of the readers, we have divided the list of top GPUs into four categories, which are: S tier, A tier, B tier, and C tier.

S Tier

GPU S Tier

While compared to the rest of the GPUs on the market, cards in this category are better suited for gamers who wish to play at least 60 frames per second at 4K resolution, with the RTX 3090 delivering 8K. (only with DLSS in certain games). Professional graphics cards, such as the NVIDIA Titan RTX and NVIDIA Titan V, are also available, however, they are often utilized for difficult AI research or software development rather than gaming. The S tier list is majorly dominated by NVIDIA’s GPUs but for the first time in many years, we have seen a shift in power as AMD can compete with the best of GPUs. We believe it is good to have healthy competition, as it will only benefit the end-users. Even after the competition by AMD GPUs, Nvidia still takes the throne and RTX 3090 takes the first spot in our list.

S. NoGPU ModelBrand
2.RX 6900 XTAMD
5.RX 6800 XTAMD

A tier

gpu A tier

The cards listed in this tier are not as powerful as the cards in the S tier, but they provide a good performance according to their price. Although both GPUs are capable of consistent 60 FPS performance at 4K resolution, it is unlikely that this will be the scenario with Ultra presets. The crown goes to RX 6800 in this list, which is followed by the RTX 3070ti. Even though the above GPU is significantly less expensive, the RX 6800 is still a superior graphics card. Both cards beat the top card from the previous generation, the RTX 2080 Ti, by a significant margin. NVIDIA’s latest budget card, the RTX 3060 Ti, still surpasses the once-coveted RTX 2080 Ti, but that was to be anticipated. There are more cards in this list as the performance difference is slight and it can be only noticed if you compare the card that is at the top of the list to the bottom one. The Graphics card in tier A are:

S. No GPU Model Brand
1.RX 6800AMD
5.RX 6700 XTAMD
7.RTX 2080 SuperNVIDIA
10.Titan XNVIDIA
11.RTX 2070 SuperNVIDIA
12.GTX 1080 TiNVIDIA
13.Radeon VIIAMD
14.RX 5700 XTAMD
15.RX 6600 XTAMD
16.RX 5700AMD

B Tier

gpu B Tier

The GPUs in this list are not considered bad at all, in fact, these are the best budget-friendly cards that can support your needs if you would like to play games on your 144hz 1080p monitor. You can even pull off 1440p with these graphics cards, but you might have to lower a few settings to get desired fps. RTX 2060 super takes the lead in this tier list, followed by the AMD’s RX 6600 which is a great card. If we were looking at the price to performance ratio, we might give the RX 6600 the W but we are primarily focusing on performance here. This list is perfectly balanced with four Nvidia cards and four AMD cards.

S. No GPU Model Brand
1.RTX 2060 SuperNVIDIA
2.RX 6600AMD
3.RX Vega 64AMD
4.RX 5600 XTAMD
7.RX Vega 56AMD

C Tier

gpu C Tier

This is the last tier in our GPU hierarchy list, but in no way these graphics cards are not good. If you would like to game at 1080p @60fps, these are just perfect for you. Sure, you might not be able to play games at 1440p but if you are a casual gamer, or you are just starting, these cards are enough to meet your requirements. It is seen in this list that Nvidia reigns over the C tier, and only two cards were able to take the spot. GTX 1660 ti super got the first place, followed by GTX 1660 Super, and again by an Nvidia card. Finishing the list is the Nvidia’s GTX 1060 6 Gb.

S. No GPU Model Brand
2.GTX 1660 SuperNVIDIA
5.RX 5500 XT 8GBAMD
6.GTX 1650 SuperNVIDIA
7.RX 5500 XT 4GBAMD


So, in this article, we have focused on different GPUs on how well they perform while gaming, or video editing. We have concluded and listed all the GPUs according to their performance, and we will be updating the list as the new hardware hits the market. This hierarchy was based on the testing we have done, also based on the external sources for performance references. If you think we have missed any GPU that should be on the list, make sure to comment below and let us know.

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